A cell phone signal jammer is a useful device that can help out in various life situations.  Therefore, we will talk a little more about it today.

 Let's start with the fact that cell phone jammer help us to drown out cellular communications, creating interference and interruptions.

 The principle of operation is based on blocking communication channels at certain frequencies.  The silencer of modern mobile phones is suitable for GSM, CDMA and 3G channels.  The device provides security, restricts unauthorized access to personal space and blocks access to the cellular network. Jammers can be of various types and purposes, differ in range and modification. 



Jammer Features

Jammers are divided into two main groups - stationary models and mobile, that is, portable.  As a rule, they are universal and operate at different frequencies.  Blockers are used to suppress signals:

 -mobile phones;

 -video cameras;

 -voice recorders;

 -recording devices;

 -radio controlled microphones.

 The range of the suppressor depends on many factors, including the area of ​​​​the premises, the material of the walls and partitions, the distance to the object, the location of the operator's station, and the power of the device.  You can set the jammer to one specific frequency, while others will function without interference.  For example, if you direct the action of the suppressor to the GSM mobile network, this will not affect the operation of the router that transmits the Wi-Fi signal and vice versa.

 Signal blockers operate almost silently, do not interfere with the operation of computer and other household appliances.  Cellular communication jammers differ in appearance and in the variety of use.

 Mobile jammers are used to suppress phone signals, and they are also called Jammer GSM.  It looks like a small device that can easily fit even in your pocket.  They are designed for a limited range and are powered by a built-in battery.

 Charging such a device is enough for only a few hours of continuous operation.  They are used at important negotiations, conferences, concerts and other events where a call can interfere with the flow of the event.  Mobile models also do well with blocking wiretapping bugs.

 Stationary jammers are used on a professional scale.  Models are used to suppress the signal over a sufficiently large area.  They are used most often by large enterprises to maintain the confidentiality of important information, universities to ensure honest tests and exams.  Stationary jammers are used where it is necessary to ensure absolute silence, for example, in temples, city theaters or museums.

 Some models can be tuned to a set frequency or select only the functions you need.  For example, you can use the level of containment of calls in a certain room or in a limited radius.  That is, the phone will see and catch the network, but when incoming calls are received, as well as when dialing outgoing calls, the jammer will block the signal and the subscriber will not be able to call or answer.



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